Hear what others have to say about us

“As a parent with a daughter I’d like to express what being a part of MetroWest Tang Soo Do has meant to me. I’d like other parents to understand that the training is more than just discipline, learning moves or techniques, how to kick, how to punch and how to defend one self. Don’t misunderstand me, that is taught, quite effectively, I might say. No other feeling quite compares to experiencing your 14 or 15 year old daughter perform a technique on you, realizing just how glad you are that she is taking it easy on you and just how dangerous she would be to someone actually attacking her (one more reason to get involved with and start taking the classes with your child). A very important part of the training and discipline is the lesson of awareness. Often the instructors will strive to instill a mindset of awareness in the students. This should not be confused with paranoia or fear, but rather the lesson to always be aware of your location, your surroundings as well as who is around you. I was recently reminded of this when I heard of the recent assault that occurred in Brookline in the Coolidge Corner area. The woman had gotten out of a cab in the early morning hours, and was attacked from behind, stuck on the head, dragged into a truck and assaulted. I was thinking that all the self-defense in the world won’t work if you have been incapacitated by an attack from behind. It is not someone fault if they are attacked from behind, but they become a victim. I don’t want my child to become a victim and I don’t want to isolate her from the world to protect her. I do want to give her all the tools to protect herself should she need to, but better yet, to be aware enough her surroundings so that she won’t have to. I honestly believe that I have given her that by having her train at MetroWest, and I am grateful to all the instructors who have shared their knowledge and experience with us. I know that when she goes off to college, I will be able to sleep better, knowing that she is confident, aware and should the need arise- able to defend herself.”
Erich von Kelsch-parent and student

“I got into Tang Soo Do through my son and it’s one of the best things to happen to me. I was overweight, in terrible shape and a medical emergency waiting to happen. The instructors and students welcomed me and worked with me mindful of my health. I started pushing myself and a year and a few months later, I’m in much better shape, feel better, and am far less worried about my health. I’m also doing things I never thought I could do and having tons of fun!”
Rob Freundlich

“My son has been taking karate with Master Boudrot for 7-8 years. There are so many benefits to karate and positive aspects of this studio. The best thing is the commitment, caring, teaching skill, and longevity of the studio leadership. Masters Boudrot and Farraher have been involved in Tang Soo Do for many, many years and they don’t do this for the money! They love Tang Soo Do and their students. The result is an excellent and fun learning environment. The presence of three additional Masters and a large number of committed black belts is extremely beneficial to the learning experience and indicative of the commitment and dedication that this large core group has to Metrowest Tang Soo Do and its students. My son should join the black belt ranks this summer and both he and I are really proud to be part of the Metrowest Tang Soo Do family.”
Jon Platt

“I love going to karate because it is fun to do line forms! Everyone should go to Metrowest Tang Soo Do”
Kyle, age 11

“Through Tang Soo Do I have learned humility have developed increased flexibility and have improved endurance. I have made many new friends both within my own studio and throughout the area. I have even made them outside of the karate arena because of my study of Tang Soo Do.”
Doug Scruton

“My kids have been at Metrowest Tang Soo Do for a little over a year. Several months ago we moved out of Hudson. When we were looking at houses, one critical requirement was that they be within driving distance of this do jang. Why not just pick out a new karate school in our new town? Simple-Metrowest Tang Soo Do is an amazing place! The instructors are excellent martial artists and excellent teachers, particularly with the kids. Teaching kids is hard-they have short attention spans and may not learn things as quickly as adults. The instructors here find the right balance between crazy fun and discipline. My kids are learning a lot and are having a great time.”
Rob Freundlich

“My family happened upon Tang Soo Do quite by accident. We were members of the YMCA in Framingham and decided to enroll our two oldest sons in the program in 1993. We met Masters Boudrot and Farraher the following year and have been with them ever since! My youngest son began training in 2000 and, at 47 years young, I began my training the following year. When Metrowest Tang Soo Do opened in Hudson nearly 6 years ago, we followed our instructors without hesitation! My sons and I have all earned the rank of black belt. Two of us are certified instructors. As I have seen with several other families at Metrowest Tang Soo Do, having trained with my children has helped to develop an amazing bond between us. We will always have the shared experiences of Tang Soo Do! I love training at Metrowest Tang Soo Do and plan to continue my relationship with my instructors and Tang Soo Do for many years to come!”
Kyo Sah Richard P. Nugent

“Metrowest Tang Soo Do is the best karate studio I have ever attended. The instructors are knowledgeable, the classes are intense, and the martial arts training is impeccable. I recommend Metrowest Tang Soo Do to everybody!”
Max Abugov