Tang Soo Do will benefit your child

One Steps

Tang Soo Do offers more than just the advantages of personal self-defense. MetroWest Tang Soo Do provides a complete learning and improvement activity for children. We offer 3 classes per week.

Children from 4 to 12 years of age have several different needs.
Such as self-confidence, physical coordination, increased attention span, discipline and a sense of individual accomplishment.
Tang Soo Do can fulfill all of these needs.
Many parents notice vast improvements in their child’s behavior, and some school counselors have recommended martial arts training for just this reason.
We encourage our students in all their activities and even give students patches for achievement and improvement on report cards.

Round Kick

Tang Soo Do strives to achieve personal development and growth and in doing so your child will obtain the positive character attributes of patience, concentration, self discipline and self confidence, as well as a health body. For what they learn today will still be valuable for all of their tomorrows.

Regular tuition for the children's classes is $80 a month.