What is Tang Soo Do?

balance Tang Soo Do (Korean Karate) is an ancient martial art originating over 2,000 years ago in Korea and is one of the oldest forms of karate practiced around the world today. Tang Soo Do is known as a classical martial art which is especially noted by most experts as a superior kicking style and whose current status has been achieved through many decades of refining and improving its numerous techniques.

Today, its instruction methods still emphasize the philosophies and discipline that were stressed in ancient times, and while adjusting to the physical and mental needs of today’s practitioners it is designed and intended to progressively develop character, integrity, self-discipline and respect for others.

TANG SOO DO, when literally translated, breaks down to the following meaning: TANG means “of the Tang Dynasty” which existed in China between 617 and 907 AD; SOO Means “open hand” and DO means “the way of life”. In combining these meanings the translation becomes “the open handed fighting way of the Tang Dynasty”

Who is Tang Soo Do for?

Tang Soo Do is for everyone!
Regardless of your age or physical condition.

Kids doing forms In addition to an improved spiritual and psychological attitude, our system offers you overall physical conditioning. It is not necessary to be physically strong to utilize our principals of self-defense. Our workouts emphasize stretching, balance, toning and cardiovascular aerobic exercise, and as our expert instructors guide you though each training session you will increasingly gain flexibility, coordination and strength.

Each student is encouraged to improve not only physically but also mentally, as they incorporate self-discipline, concentration, and respect for others, both in training and in every day life.